Will double glazing add value?

Will double glazing add value

Some companies make uPVC and valuable windows from aluminum and uPVC for people who have listed or period homes. But do these windows add value to your home? The windows might be fine, but in most conservation areas in the UK, you have to get planning permission before you install these types of windows because they give your property a different appearance. There’s a lot of value in character in this type of house.

The price is likely to go down because of this. This does not mean that a period home or a listed building cannot be fitted with double glazing even in a conservation area. Our company specializes in double glazing add value to properties of these types without altering the property’s appearance at all. If you have double glazing, your heating bill will be cheaper, and you won’t even notice it.

Should you replace your windows before selling your house?

It depends on the state of your windows. If you have single-glazed windows or they’re damaged, you should replace them. You can save a lot of energy by switching to double-glazed windows. Energy-efficient houses are in demand, so make sure your windows are doing their job.  It may be a good idea to replace your windows before putting your house up for sale if you are thinking of selling.

Are double-glazed windows worth it?

You’ll save on energy bills and add value to your home with double glazing. A new double glazing installation can increase a home’s value by 10% on average. Newer windows are more likely to be bought by buyers since they won’t have to replace them. The answer to the question ‘does double glazing increase property value’ is yes, double glazing will make your home look and perform better and increase its value.

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