What is double glazing u value?

What is double glazing u value

Explaining double glazing U values. The U value is also called the heat transfer coefficient. They’re used to determine how good insulators are in homes and buildings. A U value determines how well different elements prevent heat from efficiently transferring between the inside and outside of a building. U values are equal to R values. This is how a building’s thermal resistance measures up.

The building fabrics transmit heat slower if the double glazing U values are lower. This makes the buildings more insulating. Because the U values are so low, it uses less energy to keep the temperature comfortable. It helps you save on energy. This means homeowners spend less money on energy. You can save how much cash? Get help from a professional if you want an accurate answer.


Window U-Values are used to measure how much heat is lost and how fast. U-Values, measure how well a building repels heat and keeps it from escaping. The U-Value is measured in Watts per square meter Kelvin, or W/m2 K. In other words, the lower the U-Value, the more energy-efficient the window will be. In most cases, window U-Value and window energy ratings are similar to those you see on appliances, rated from A to G based on performance, with A being the lowest and G being the highest.  Windows energy ratings are simplified to figure out how much energy they save.

Glass U Values under Building Regulations

Excellent thermal performance in glass installations comes down to the Uw value. Uw matters when it comes to complying with Building Regulations. 1.6 W/m2K or higher is the minimum Uw value for glazing when renovating or extending a home. When building a new house, you must consider the building’s energy efficiency as a whole, but the glazing must not have a Uw value of less than 2.00 W/m2K. Most manufacturers give you U values for everything they sell.

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