Is secondary glazing better than double glazing?

Is secondary glazing better than double glazing

What is Double Glazing?

Window double glazing uses two sheets of glass with a space between them as an insulator. There are two ways to fill the gap: either use argon or create a vacuum. Both slow the movement of heat between the two sides of the window.

What is Secondary Glazing?

A secondary glazing replacement involves adding supplementary glass to an existing single-glazed window. The secondary glazing panels can be permanent, although sometimes they’re temporary.

What is the difference between secondary and double glazing?

Double-glazing is much more expensive than secondary glazing because you have to install completely new units – you can’t just install another sheet of glass on top of one.

It’s not enough to have two panes of glass to be an effective thermal barrier; there has to be an airtight gap between them (or a vacuum). You’ll have to have someone come round to your house and measure up your windows so they can be made just for you. You can get supplementary glazing on the inside of an existing window frame for a lot less money – either buy a DIY kit or get installers to do it for you.


A primary reason for homeowners to replace their windows with secondary or double-glazed windows is to increase the property’s efficiency and maintain energy, particularly heat energy. Thus, as you probably know, this helps them save on their heating and cooling bills. They’re both effective at this.

However, there isn’t even a contest for better because double glazing prevents heat from escaping your house many times better. Although they are more expensive up front, they last at least 20 years and sometimes more, so you’ll eventually make back your money.

Which one should I pick?

If you live in a listed property, the answer depends on what benefits you’re looking for. The [company name] Workshop has been double glazing and secondary glazing period properties for over 25 years. Our sales surveyor will run through the different options, including glass options, to find out what option is best for your home. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote at: [phone].

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