Is it better to repair or replace windows and doors?

Is it better to repair or replace windows and doors

You have to decide what kind of trouble you’re having with them before choosing a window replacement or repair.

Some problems can be fixed with a repair, but it’s best to replace the window most of the time. In general, windows can last 15-20 years, so if you’re at the end of that timeline, you might want to consider replacing them. Otherwise, you might keep having problems.

Replacing windows is usually more expensive, so many traditional homes would better repair them. Replacement windows in a traditional house could lose the home’s character, which is a big deal to many homeowners.

You can find a style that matches your home’s traditional look and feel with so many options now when it comes to replacement windows.

What’s the value of replacing or repairing your windows?

Modern homes typically have double-glazing, and homebuyers are looking for increased energy efficiency, so improving windows in an older home is generally a good idea.

During the restoration of period properties, you’ll want to pay attention to frames and replace single panes. In modern homes, investing in PVCu timber, for instance, naturally makes a house more desirable.

Changing configurations

Consider rethinking the function and design of your fenestration if you’re replacing windows anyway. You can alter, enlarge, and add new apartments to an existing house – if they look like the rest of the house.

You should check with your local council about how far you can go and if you need a planning permit. If you want to change the style drastically, you’ll need to do this. You’ll need separate permission if you’re working on a listed building.

By adding floor-to-ceiling glass to the rear of an existing house, you could experience your living space in a completely new way. There is a serious need to improve the connection between the interiors and the garden and allow more natural light to flow through the interiors. Be careful if you’re renovating a period building. Significant changes can mess with the fabric. Take care to preserve things like heritage finishes.

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