Is double glazing worth it?

Is double glazing worth it

Is double glazing worth it? Due to soaring electricity bills, double glazed windows quickly gained popularity. Double-glazed windows insulate the house with two layers. Thanks to its unique properties, your home stays cool in the summer and warms in the winter. Double glazing is expensive, so is it worth it? Yes, it is. At the same time, the cost may be a few pounds higher, the benefits more than making it worth it.

There are two panes of glass instead of one, so double glazing is more expensive. There’s not much space between the panes since they are close together. Spaces like these are either vacuums or filled with inert gases, like argon. No matter what, it’s going to improve insulation, so it’s going to save you a lot in the long run.

Does retrofitting double glazing work?

We can reduce your home’s noise by as much as 70% with our retrofit double glazing system. When we retrofit double glazing into windows, we like to make it seamless. You will lose the thermal performance you pay for if your curtains are still flapping in the wind due to a draft coming through your windows. Our windows are fitted with draught- and acoustic seals to improve their functionality over other companies.

We want you to have a peaceful, comfortable environment. Thermawood’s curtains stay perfectly still, and your home stays quiet, quiet, quiet. Unlike other companies that apply seals onto the window structure, our seals are machined into the window frame. So if you open your windows, the seal won’t fall off.

How can Double Glazing Help?

Double-glazed windows, or Insulated Glass Units (IGU), are the best way to make the glass more energy-efficient. A window like this has two panes of glass and a spacer that’s made of metal or polymer. Usually, spacers are filled with desiccant to avoid moisture accumulating in the cavity between the panes. This glazing system is made up of pockets of air or gas that act as a buffer and resist heat flow. So it reduces solar heat gain in the summer and reduces heat loss in the winter. Buildings with double-paned IGUs that are different in thickness can significantly reduce noise intrusion. Last but not least, with two panes, it’s harder to break them than one pane.

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