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Our company provides only high-quality DIY uPVC windows at great prices! UK's leading double glazing supplier offers uPVC windows for sale online and directly from their website, saving customers up to £100 off retail prices.

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UPVC Windows Design & Price

We offer excellent value for money with our made to measure upvc windows. Our company also offers aluminium windows, as well as sliding sash windows, flush sash windows, and tilt and turn windows.

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Our current offer is a 25% discount on double glazing and a free upgrade to argon on any replacement uPVC window. With all our made-to-measure uPVC windows and doors, we use a multi-point locking system that's internally beaded and we use Liniar fully sculpted windows of your choice. We can also install chamfered windows if needed.

You can also read our product pages uPVC windows and doors, aluminum windows and doors, conservatories, front and back doors etc.

The company provides bespoke made to measure upvc double glazed windows at a low price. Prices start at just £65 inc VAT for suppliers to the trade. A BFRC rated upvc window frame that meets building regulations is available from our company. You can find all the information regarding window energy ratings (WER) on the BFRC website. The BFRC is the UK's national rating system for energy-efficient double-glazed windows. You can save money on energy bills and improve the look and value of your house with our energy-efficient diy upvc windows.

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Why choose supply only double glazing?

Should you get just uPVC windows for your house? It's worth a try if you want to save some money and you know how to do it. However, getting just uPVC windows for a cheap price is risky. They won't put the whole thing together for you - you'll have to put it together yourself.

Get in touch with The First Alert Windows Company today if you are interested in double glazing manufacture for your renovation project. We can help you regardless of whether you are looking for a complete set of White windows or for multiple shades. Give us a call, and we will be more than happy to assist!

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It's cheaper than hiring an installer, so you can save money. So your windows may be cheaper than you think. You have to be patient when installing windows, it's not an easy job. A lot of parts are heavy, complex, and hard to assemble. And you're not covered if anything goes wrong.

We here at The First Alert Windows Company are the company to come to if you want quotes back the same day, delivery dates, order acknowledgments, or just someone to walk you through your order over the phone. Find out more by contacting the team today.

Double glazing only has some great benefits.

Due to its flexibility, supply-only double glazing is becoming increasingly popular. uPVC windows are great for insulation and performance, but you can also get double glazing:

  • Saves you money because you don't have to pay a double glazing company's overhead and services charges. It can save you a lot if you replace windows for an entire home.
  • Installing windows yourself if you have the skills to do it well can be a great alternative to hiring a company.
  • Lets you choose your installers instead of dealing with a single company for everything related to windows.

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