Does double glazing reduce noise?

Does double glazing reduce noise

A double-glazed window is a great, simple, yet effective way to soundproof windows. A double glazed window is an extra layer of glass installed inside a window, which in turn reduces outside noise. You can put double glazing in a standard house, a heritage house, a townhouse, an apartment, and a modern house. Installing double glazing is perfect for replacing windows, upgrading, or building a new house – wherever you want to reduce noise.

Is it possible to block out excess noise with double-glazed windows?

In addition, when double glazing is installed right, there are no cracks or gaps around the window where sound can leak in. When sound hits the sealed frame, it’s not able to get through. Also, the Argon between the two panes behaves differently when it comes to handling sound waves than regular air. When the panes aren’t in direct contact, the soundwaves are muffled, making your house very quiet. The sound level can be reduced by up to 31 decibels with double-glazed windows. However, they’re not totally soundproof.

The best way to reduce outside noise is by installing double glazing. And other than blocking up your windows, it’ll help you sleep better or hear the TV over traffic noise. There are no better ways to reduce noise. So, it’s an excellent way to reduce stress and have a healthier home in the process.

How can I reduce noise with glass?

Double-glazed windows are the best because they have two panes of glass with a 20mm space between them. By combining double glazing and a well-fitted UPVC frame with insulating pads behind the architraves, Ecostar provides the highest level of noise insulation. Naturally, not every double-glazed window reduces noise equally. A window’s efficiency is determined by the thickness of its glass, the gap between its panes, as well as how well it is installed.

Besides providing high-quality double glazed windows, Ecostar also provides noise-proof laminated glass as an extra option. It is composed of two layers of glass sandwiched together by a thin layer of vinyl. As it is shatter-proof and noise-reducing, laminated glass is commonly used as security glass. This is a perfect combination with double glazing in order to reduce outside noise disturbances.

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