First Alert Windows can help if you've been dreaming of adding more space to your house. Our conservatories are easy to buy. Including planning permission, we take care of it all, from design to installation. We know what it takes to make your dream conservatory a reality, whether you want a modern lean-to or a Victorian-style design. Building it is the easy part; figuring out how much space you need, how it fits in your house, and what the budget lets you do are the hard part.

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Conservatories are an excellent solution for bringing the outdoors into the home throughout the year. It is essential to consider these factors when choosing the style and shape of your conservatory.

We at Ultraframe offer a variety of conservatory styles that are tailored to your home so you can create the perfect glazed extension to suit your home. Our designs look great regardless of whether you want a modern or more traditional look.

Conservatories door sliding

Lean-to-conservatories are very popular. The rectangular shape of this well-loved but straightforward design makes it lean toward your home, usually with a slanted roof. Modern and traditional homeowners alike love it because it is so flexible. Victorian conservatories are also endlessly popular. Initially built in Victorian times, this roof has a beautiful ornate design and a rounded shape.

The glass in conservatories windows

You're guaranteed as standard, so you've got nothing to worry about:

The uPVC wall frames on our conservatories are guaranteed not to fade over a period of 20 years, which is a market-leading guarantee in the industry. The warranty also covers fixtures, fittings, and installation of Everest conservatories (excluding the base).

How Do Orangeries and Conservatories Differ?

You'll find more glass in conservatories than orangeries. The glass in conservatories tends to be more than 80%, whereas the glass in orangeries tends to be less than 80%. Each one has a completely different look. If you're not sure which would suit you best, reach out to us.

A Classic Conservatory is a must-have for people who just like to hang out at home.

You can add a conservatory to your home that offers both space and value with our range of classic conservatory designs. Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-to, and Gable conservatory styles remain timeless favorites for a reason. They tend to be mostly glazed with a dwarf wall. But these modern classics have substance and style, too, thanks to massive advances in materials and components.

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Conservatories can fit into a wide variety of homes, giving the owner a place to escape the duties of the rest of the house. Contact us at [PHONE] for help & advice!

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You can speak with our experienced team about how to maximize light and comfort in your home. We will examine the sizes, types, and locations of your windows, roofing, and doors. We'll also need to decide on the type of bricks (if needed) and the color (stock colours and specials).

We have a big selection of conservatories including garden rooms and Regency, Victorian, Edwardian, lanterns, gable, lean-tos, combination or T, P, and L shapes. 

We build bespoke timber conservatories and orangeries that are of the highest quality. 30 years of experience combined with modern tech and techniques equals an unmatched product.

Browse our conservatory styles, or check out our conservatory FAQs if you have more questions.

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Order online or get in touch on [PHONE] or [Email] to see how we can help you.