Can you double glaze existing windows?

double glaze existing windows

One of the biggest questions our customers have is, “Can I double-glaze my existing windows?” People think double-glazing is energy efficient and comfortable. Yes, many existing windows can be double-glazed. If you don’t consider all the implications, you might not get the results you want. You’re going to learn all you need to know about double-glazing your existing timber windows in this article. Yeah, we did it. And yes, we’ll do it again. We might sell double glazing if we desire since that is often the first thing people inquire about. That isn’t what I’m here to talk about.

We don’t recommend it very often, so I’ll show you why. Look below at where we retrofitted double glazing into some 1970s windows, so you don’t think we’re just poo-pooing double glazing. The customers were really happy with it too. Despite that, this article will tell you why we don’t recommend it.

How to double glaze existing windows?

We design and test our systems to fit existing glazing at home and work. First Alert Windows can double-glaze old and existing windows while keeping the look of old or heritage buildings. We don’t affect the aesthetics of the outside of the window with our systems. You’ll see through Soundtite’s clear laminated glass and [company name] ‘s optical grade acrylic. Strata buildings, heritage buildings and newer buildings with double glazed windows are all perfect candidates for [company name] ‘s retrofit double glazing systems.

First Alert Windows has a wide range of products to help you stay comfortable at home or work. Firstalertwindow’s systems are easy to install and don’t require any structural alterations. You’ll save time and disruption by double glazing existing windows. You’ll save money and stress this way. You’ll also help the environment by reducing landfill waste.

Alternatives to double glazing

You don’t have to convert single glazed windows to double glazed to boost efficiency. You can install secondary glazing on your existing windows to get high performance. It works by putting an independent window inside a window. There are some cases where this method works better than converting from single to double glazing. It’s better at blocking out noise, for instance, since the gap between the two panes is bigger. We’re talking about more peaceful nights, fewer interruptions during the day, and a more excellent home atmosphere.

Condensation can also be removed from single- and double-glazed windows with it. It’s not impossible for secondary glazing to outperform double glazing in heat retention. The best part is you don’t have to replace your windows. With heritage windows, homeowners can achieve better heat retention, reduce noise, improve security, and eliminate condensation while retaining their original heritage windows.

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