Can double glazing be upgraded to triple glazing?

Can double glazing be upgraded to triple glazing

It’s a great way to make your house more energy-efficient and beautiful. With an A+10 rating, double glazing reduces noise pollution and keeps heat in, so you’ll save on fuel bills. But if you’re looking for something extra, triple glazing is a great option. It’s easy and less expensive than you think to change your double glazing for a triple! The results of triple glazing are better than the ones of double glazing. You could save up to £497 on fuel bills each year if you have triple-glazed windows.

How does triple glazing work?

Single glazing means there’s just one pane of glass. There are two in double glazing. Triple glazing, you guessed it, has three panes. There are two small air gaps between the glass panes, about 16mm each. Triple glazing works the same way as double glazing in this respect. Thin air gaps between the glass panes act as an additional barrier, keeping heat and sound out of the house. Triple glazing has five layers versus double glazing’s three. There are three panes of glass and two air gaps between them. There are a bunch of benefits.

Things to consider about triple glazing

Compared to Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, the UK still doesn’t have triple glazing. The colder climate means they need more insulation, so triple glazing is a must. Most Scandinavians have it that way since it’s so energy efficient.

The UK doesn’t have the same system. Triple glazing does the same thing as double glazing, but it does it a little better. Most triple glazing companies don’t consider the frame of the window when comparing triple vs double glazing. However, uPVC is a bad insulator and is still the most popular material for frames on triple-glazed windows.

But is triple glazing worth it?

It depends on how well triple glazing delivers. When a window can keep heat inside, reduce noise, eliminate condensation, and improve security, it is definitely worth the cost. As we said above, triple glazing isn’t the best choice for noise reduction and condensation. Additionally, it won’t work on heritage homes or those that want to keep their character. You don’t have to go with triple glazing. The benefits of secondary glazing are similar to those of triple-glazed windows – and it’s a lot more efficient too.

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